Irene Laplae-Arthur

Irene Leplae-Arthur is the editor of her school newspaper at Nicolet High School in Glendale, Wisconsin. Her writing has been published on the website Teen Ink. She wants to study journalism in college and hopes to gain experience in publishing and journalism during her summer internship with Paris Writers News.

Dimitri Keramitas

Director of a training and translation agency, and a lecturer in law, Dimitri Keramitas also writes film criticism which has been published in literary reviews in the US, UK, and France. He is a regular contributer to and Movies in American History. He is currently working on his a novel about a Native-American gambling casino.

Jacqueline Leahy

Jacqueline Leahy has been published in Portland Magazine, The Portland Phoenix, Flash Fiction World, and the Smith College Sophian. After working with PWN this summer, she will complete her undergraduate studies in English Language and Literature and Philosophy at Smith College.

Tendayi Olga Chirawu

Tendayi Olga Chirawu is a writer, journalist and sociologist currently doing a Master’s degree in Global Communications and Civil Society at the American University in Paris. She has previously written for several current affairs publications in Namibia and has a background in gender and development issues.

Nisha Somwang

Photographer, writer and web-designer Nisha Somwang interned with PWN in the summer of 2010. Nisha is completing a degree in International Business at the University of Wisconsin.

Pamela Leavy

A journalist for many years with the "St. Petersburg Florida Times," and "Tampa Bay Business Journal", Pam Leavy wrote numerous news articles and features before moving to France. She recently contributed celebrity profiles on Leslie Caron, Thierry Lhermite, and David Sedaris to "France Magazine".

Amanda Walsh

Amanda Walsh is a documentary filmmaker. After filming with PWN in Paris, she has returned to Australia to work in television. Amanda can be contacted at [email protected]

Laurel Zuckerman

Laurel Zuckerman is the author of Sorbonne Confidential and the editor of Paris Writers News. Her essays and interviews have appeared in Hommes et Commerces, Cahiers Pédagogiques, The Paris Times, Le Point, Le Monde, Le Monde de l'Education, The Guardian, The Times, as well as on France 24, TF1, RFI, and the BBC.

Meg Bortin

Meg Bortin is a journalist and writer based in France. A former senior editor at the International Herald Tribune and foreign correspondent in Paris and Moscow, she has written widely on politics, culture and lifestyle. She is the author of two memoirs, Desperate to Be a Housewife (2013), and Dear Djeneba, a personal essay in the anthology Family Wanted (2005).

Rosalia Gitau

Rosalia Gitau is a writer and legal scholar with a background in law and anti-corruption aid work in sub-Saharan Africa. Rosalia is currently on a UN mission in Haiti.